Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Bono's take on African issues: something fresh, deeper and more human

"Once you see not only the problem, but the solution, there's no escape. You see it, you can't look away from it. I want it to feel like an adventure, not a burden. I don't mean just for me, I mean for the movement. This is an extraordinary thing, an uplifting thing. This is not, 'Oh my God, all the poor starving Africans with flies around their faces.' They are very noble, royal people, full of easy laughter and very innovative. This is about us, too. It's about who are we? What are our values? Do we have any? Its exciting."

- Bono ­ Interview with Rolling Stone, November 2005

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Meeting 'Kenya's Terri Schiavo'

By Muliro Telewa
BBC, Nairobi

The court case over the life and death of American Terri Schiavo which made headlines all over the world has led to parallels being drawn with a patient in Kenya.

Wanjiru Kihoro has been bed-ridden and barely conscious in a Nairobi hospital for more than two years.

But while Schiavo's husband, Michael, went to court to secure his wife's right to die, Dr Kihoro's husband and relatives are unanimous that she should live.

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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The meaning of sex: fertility and the recovery of human sexuality

Few dare talk about it, but beneath the surface of elite opinion there's growing unease about the sexual revolution. Not only hasn’t it delivered happiness, it’s brought the opposite. Juli Loesch Wiley explains why misery is the natural result of severing the connection between sexual fulfillment and fertility, and what it will take to restore whole sexual love between men and women.

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