Wednesday, May 04, 2005

As you go to the polls, think of the family ...

Is the family or the state the fundamental cell of society? Both are good, but European governments have got their priorities upside-down. G.K. Chesterton once again has prophetic insights into our situation now: it is sufficient to neglect to support the family, he suggests, and the government machinery will see to it that the family is abused, invaded and weakened.

There is one important difference: in Gilbert's time, there were no concerted efforts to pervert the family by redefining it in gender-free and child-free terms; no one questioned the perennial truth of the family as father, mother and children. What a field day he would have had with the same-sex "marriage" ideologues!

For "Socialist" substitute European bureaucratic governments, for their fundamental ideology is socialism:

"You mend a thing because you like it ... To mend is to strengthen. I, for instance, disbelieve in oligarchy; so l would no more mend the House of Lords than I would mend a thumbscrew.

On the other hand, I do believe in the family; therefore I would mend the family as I would mend a chair; and I will never deny for a moment that the modern family is a chair that wants mending. But here comes in the essential point about the mass of modern advanced sociologists. Here are two institutions that have always been fundamental with mankind, the family and the state. ... Socialists are specially engaged in mending (that is, strengthening and renewing) the state; and they are not specially engaged in strengthening and renewing the family.

They are not doing anything to define the functions of father, mother, and child, as such; they are not tightening the machine up again; they are not blackening in again the fading lines of the old drawing.

With the state they are doing this; they are sharpening its machinery, they are blackening in its black dogmatic lines, they are making mere government in every way stronger and in some ways harsher than before."

G.K. Chesterton What's Wrong with the World

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