Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Blair and the causes he supports or does not support

Asked whether Blair, who became a Roman Catholic after he was forced out of 10 Downing Street, had contributed to the costs of Pope Benedict XVI's visit to Britain, his spokesman replied, tersely: "No."

He and his wife Cherie Booth do, however, actively support LGBT causes, including ones which are radically and aggressively against the Catholic church and its moral teachings.

Well, Tony, for all your spin doctoring, ultimately whats in the heart reaches the heart; I think it would be safe to drop the "Roman" from the title "Roman Catholic" and replace it with "Cafeteria" in your case.

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georgem said...

He didn't need to contribute to get a seat. As part of the liberal coterie, he and his wife will almost certainly have been given wads of invitations by the liberal ticket dispensers to the Beatification Mass, (watch for the helicopter arrival), Westminster Cathedral Mass and Evensong at Westminster Abbey.
The question is whether Mrs. Blair will be sporting the massive mantilla seen before and whether this renegade couple have been chosen to receive Holy Communion from the Pope.
Incidentally, there is a term for a bad painting job when the previous colour shows through. It's called "grinning". How very apt.